The only profit we seek is the joy of living our passion

Gaia Earthen Technology operates in an  non-profit, egalitarian co-op format under the umbrella of Tranqvillium, a revolutionary social structure.  What does it mean?

1, The three major things about being a non-profit is that

  • a,  a non-profit is a legal entity that has a distinct and well defined goal that is NOT maximizing the monetary gain of shareholders. In fact there are no shareholders.
  • b, nobody owns the assets of the organization, and access to them is granted by the board, which consist of all the full members of the co-op.
  • c, it does not pay taxes on it’s earnings, as long as it meets, some strict criteria, defined by law.

2, A co-op can operate under many different rule sets, but the common thread that it is governed (in many cases even owned) by it’s workers. In this case because of the non-profit structure common ownership does not apply (see 1,b,) but a communal government does. Everyone depending on their associate levels have a say in their level of decision making.

3, Egalitarian, at Gaia,  means two things:

  • a, The value of all associate’s work are equal. it does not matter whether you run our online operations, staff the kitchen, cleaning the facilities, or build structures, all contributions are valued equally. In practical terms it means that the financial assets the co-op are distributed equally, also considering one’s needs.
  • b, Every decision on the community level is made by consensus. It is often said that consensus slows down decision making and growth. It is true. However at Gaia, our primary goal is to make sure that everyone finds joy and happiness in their everyday lives. Since our economical model is radically different from the mainstream rat race, speed and growth are not as high on the priority list as individual and communal satisfaction.

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