Bring your passion, leave your bills…

Working with Gaia Earthen Technologies is a unique experience. In fact it is way more than a “job”, it is a way of life. While not having to worry about rent, bills, food, may sound very tempting, and we are trying to be as inclusive as much our peace and safety allows it, it may not be the right match for everyone. We would like to make sure that our way of working and living together is acceptable for you. and we are not wasting your time. For that reason before you look at the career opportunities, please read the following very short basics:

1, All positions are “live-in” positions unless it is marked otherwise in the posting. The location is in California, but close to Las Vegas, NV. It is 100% off grid.

2, Passion comes first, skills can be learnt, money will follow. This means that you have to be passionate about the position you apply for. While previous training, skills, and experience are not requirements they are definitely advantages. What is required are passion for the task, desire to learn/self-educate, and commitment to live sustainably, and in harmony with your environment,

3, Willingness to participate in communal chores, not directly related to the primary position.

If these three basic conditions are acceptable, or better yet, desirable to you, please READ ON.