Gaia Program Participation Terms and Conditions

1, Once you have paid for a seminar, you will be automatically eligible to participate  in as many identical Seminars, as you want. In other words you can repeat them as many times as you want. This eligibility never expires, but Gaia reserves the right to discontinue any seminar at any time, and if that happens, no refunds will be issued, provided that you have participated in at  least one.

2, Your deposit or tuition payments are non-refundable, but they never expire, you will never lose your money. If you can’t make the seminar you have signed up for, you can sign up for another one at a later time with no time limitation. However if you can not make your Seminar, and before you can sign up for another one at a later time, the particular type of Seminar you originally selected is discontinued, no refund will be issued. You will be more than welcome to use your credit for participating in another Seminar with the same tuition. If you can not make your selected Seminar for a reason that have occurred on your side and the prices of the seminars change between your signup and your selection, you will be required to pay the difference between your credit and the current Seminar price at the time.

3, If the  Seminar of the date for which you have signed up is cancelled or discontinued before the advertised date, you will have the option to ask for a refund or use your credit towards another seminar or Gaia Program.

4, The Seminars are conducted in a harsh climate environment, and under hazardous circumstances, as construction sites. By signing up for the Seminar you acknowledge that you have been warned of these hazards in general, and have decided to participate in spite of those. You agree to keep Gaia Earthen Technologies, it’s parent organizations, owners, employees, members, affiliates, educators, instructors, contractors, and any other person or organization in relation with the seminar free from any liability or lawsuit that may originate from any injury, health condition or death that may originate or occur during the seminar.

5, By submitting your application you acknowledge that during the seminar video and audio recording will be conducted, and there fore you may appear in those recordings. You are giving your irrevocable permission to Gaia Earthen Technologies and it’s assignees to use those recordings in any way they deem necessary or appropriate.