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Tranqvillium is a brand new way of living for those who are tired of the fend for yourself/dog eat dog philosophy of mainstream society. For Tranqvillium residents helping each other and advancing a comfortable yet sustainable lifestyle is the most important cause they pursue.

If you have questions about the community or how you could join it, please check out the Q&A blog, where you will also find a contact form.

The most important principles of life there are the following


While competition is encouraged within the community, here it means competing with oneself on the individual level. It is often hypothesized that without competition technological and social advancements were not possible. Here we believe that the best way to accomplish quick development of one’s quality of life is combining the individual strife for betterment with a strong co-operation between the individual members. Our success is deeply rooted in individual struggle to be better, live better, act better, than we did yesterday combined with a co-operative group effort to assist each other in accomplishing that.


Ownership here does not mean titles, contracts, or transfer documents. It means that everyone is taking responsibility over one’s work, one’s words, and one’s actions. As for the material possessions, community ownership makes it possible that everyone has equal access to the land and its bounties, the buildings, the food, transportation, and toys. Here you don’t need to buy everything you desire and have it sit unused most of the time. All you need is having access to those things when you need them.


All that means that the both the work and resources it generates are shared equally. We strongly believe that one’s work deserves equal appreciation regardless whether it is cleaning the bathrooms or organizing food production, or managing income generating activities. Since all main stream systems are set up in a way that acquiring more assets than what one needs is revered, it is difficult to disassociate from the age old programming of that kind of mentality where the more you own the more you’re worth. However if you are able to do it here a fulfilling and meaningful life is guaranteed by our interconnectedness.


As humans we are dualistic creatures, which becomes apparent in many of our features. As much as we historically and even evolutionarily we had an inherent need for community for our survival we also have developed a strong need for privacy. That is why at Tranqvillium every member is provided with their own private home, to which their access is exclusive. However both the architectural and the social design of the village enables and encourages social interaction and communal living. Privacy is a right and communality is a source of a fulfilling happy life that is void of fear of uncertainty of the future


The seeming controversy of those terms are not apparent at this place. Our planet and our solar system is providing for us abundantly, but humans seem to have forgotten or maybe have never learnt it. Until now, that is. In the 21st century we have all the knowledge and tools we need to benefit from the abundance that surrounds us without robbing and destroying our environment. many advocates of conscious and natural living also advocate for a minimalistic lifestyle, disregarding that the needs of the 21st century human are different from those of one from the stone age. At Tranqvillium we know that a comfortable aesthetically pleasing, even luxurious lifestyle is not contrary to our efforts towards natural preservation.

If you have questions about the community or how you could join it, please check out the Q&A blog, where you will also find a contact form.