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Sustainable living means operating only relying on the resources that are available locally, within, and in the close proximity of the community. However in the time of forming or transitioning if you will, from and amidst a traditionally money propelled environment, getting financial backing is crucial. Our community was lucky enough to have the land and a small startup fund donated, but to get things rolling besides our own workforce and sweat equity, we need the support of our greater community. To make sure that our community is following the principle of self sustainability, not getting comfortable relying on donations in the long run we have separated our fundraising work into three different areas.


1, general fundraising

General fundraising provides the funds for the overall costs of the startup of our operation. From tool purchases to legal costs,  internet and cell phone cost things and some material costs that are not listed in our project specific campaigns. These are generally things that we can not get threw donations or produce ourselves  


2, Project specific fundraising

These are campaigns that we are running for particular projects within the community, such as new buildings, new systems, upgrades of existing parts of our community. In these campaigns we always make sure that  it is very clear what the money is used for and we provide prompt feedback and accounting of the usage of it.

3, personal fundraising

We have decided to launch these campaigns to help specific individuals, to get to our location when they need to and/or be able to participate in the workshops and other educational events, when they can not afford it. All the funds donated are going into the funding of the individuals and their education that is outlined in the particular campaign description.

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