foot circleGaia Earthen Technologies is run by a group of sustainability enthusiasts living on site in the Mojave Desert. The community is based on a group of principles as ecological and economical sustainability, inclusivity, accountability, consensus, etc. The community is progressively working towards higher and higher levels of self sustainability in terms of habitats, food, energy, water and transportation.

The community set a threefold goal to accomplish:


The Institute runs week long workshops and semester length or annual apprenticeships. Our courses concentrate on the technologies and techniques that make it possible to live a modern and comfortable life without destroying our environment or exploit our fellow humans.


Sustainable solutions researchers can find a place and/or funding to their projects at Tranqvillium. If you have an idea in the general area of sustainable living, natural preservation with which you need to experiment, build a prototype, but don’t have the place or resources, apply here for a research/art scholarship.


Unfortunately there are still many who need a safe haven from violence, addiction, economically or politically forsaken and discarded, left without a chance for basic human dignity. Tranqvillium made it part of it’s mission to welcome those in need. Please contact us here if you are interested in granting us the honor of welcoming you to our community