Water Bender

I want to apply to become a waterbender1Waterbender.

This position is on-site only

At our location, with only 5.5” of rain a year, water is an extra precious resource.

It will be your responsibility to make sure that when the skies grant us some of it, it would be channeled into pipes and tanks. Then, after making sure it’s clean enough, we have to get it into our faucets showers, sinks, to our plants, and finally some of it will recaptured and reused. You will learn how to keep it in the tanks and pipes, and how to regain it from the air in the form of condensation.  As with all positions at Tranqvillium, you will not be stuck with just this one role. All members of our team perform general community tasks, and can also change their main role at any time if it turns out that their interest or passion changed. All team members can also participate in any of the other projects being run in the community.

Passions you need to have to be successful in this position:

  • Seeing water not only as the source of life, but a living entity itself
  • Fierce opposition against leaks and any other of losing or wasting water
  • Obsession with intricate combination of pipes, valves, pumps, drains
  • Unquenchable thirst of knowledge about all methods of saving reclaiming and reusing water


  • Designing, assembling maintaining and improving our water related systems (rain, potable, grey, black, and all in-between)
  • Constantly researching and finding lower tech, lower cost and higher efficiency water related systems
  • Share your knowledge at our Sustainable Systems Seminars.
  • Use, maintain and expand our woodworking capabilities
  • Beyond functionality, you will have the chance to work with water as an art medium

What you will not have to worry about:

  • Paying rent/mortgage
  • Paying bills
  • Making car payments, insurance, gas
  • Health care
  • Losing your job
  • Becoming homeless
  • Stress
  • Hours of rush hour commute

What you will be provided:

  • Safe, comfortable, healthy and aesthetic living space
  • Healthy and clean food and water
  • Belonging to a team of progressive and awesome people who are not only passionate about natural preservation but they actually are living it
  • Stress free, natural living environment
  • Comprehensive and continuing training in your main field of interest
  • A wide range of decision making freedom in the field you are most passionate about
  • Access to personal transportation (vehicles)
  • The opportunity to directly shape the way your wider or immediate community operates
  • 6 hour work days with the option of up to 40 hours a week
  • Time proportionate even share of the income generated by our co-op

I want to apply to become a waterbender1