Superadobe/ Earthship Hybrid Seminar

Complete structure 5 21 2014Creating luxurious yet ecologically and economically sustainable homes through combining Superadobe structures with Earthship systems.


Nader Khalili Iranian-American architect starting in 1984 invented a soil based architectural method called Superadobe. This method has been being developed and perfected at CalEarth Earth Art and Architecture Institute ever since.  CalEarth’s main focus has been and continuing to be the preservation and popularization of this revolutionary structural building method.

Michael Reynolds architectural visionary has created his revolutionary building system that he coined as Earthship in  While the structural elements of the system consists of various radically sustainable methods (tirewalls, soda can, and glass bottle building blocks) the true manifestation of radical sustainability lies in the creation of the operating systems of Earthships based on simple and ancient principles, applied to modern materials and expectations of 21st century quality living.

The research and development focus of Gaia Earthen Technologies under the direction of Erik Ven in the last five years has been working on the development of a set of design and building principles and techniques that combine the best of the works of these two revolutionary humanitarians. The result was a design, that made possible the issuance of the first ever official building permit for this revolutionary combination of the two methods, in a major US city (Las Vegas, NV). This means that the new Superadobe/Earthship hybrid was declared fit not just to create ecologically, and economically sustainable habitats, fulfill 21st century living standards but was deemed to be acceptable by local and international legal building regulatory bodies and codes, and was given a green light to sustainable habitats to operate off grid within the boundaries of cities built upon mainstream architectural principles.

This six day workshop will explain and teach all these principles, techniques and familiarize students with the basics of building code compliance without compromising the ideas of sustainable and 21st standards of living in the long run.

Prerequisite: None

Available dates: 7/31/2017-8/5/2017

Donation: $980


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