Vaulted Superadobe Tiny Home Seminar

Vaulted Superadobe Tiny Home in One Week and under $5000


This six day seminar will teach participants how to build a 14’x18′ tiny home in a week, for under $5,000.  Yes it is hard to believe but it is true. The method has been developed by Earth-Architect Erik Ven, based on the designs and work of Nader Khalili (Cal-Earth Earth Art and Architecture Institute) and Michael Reynolds (Earthship Biotechture). The course begins with an introduction to natural living in general, Superadobe and Earthship technology. Participants will learn basic woodworking skills that are necessary to build the reusable building form. The theory of arch mechanics, soil chemistry and physics will be discussed, just as methods of soil testing and amendments. On the hands on practical side, students will master worksite organization, mix ratio measurement, bag laying and layering, structural reinforcement of Superadobe walls, waterproofing, and mechanical protection of soil based architecture.

On the systems side, the basics of geothermal cooling and heating, passive solar space and water heating, water collection systems and off grid electrical power are  covered. Click HERE to apply.

Prerequisite: Basics of Superadobe Building

Available dates: 6/29/2017-7/4/2017

Donation: $980


Financial Aid: Available here