Associate Programs

The associate programs are for those who can not be present at the campus to join our Work Exchange Programs but would like to get partial credit towards their tuition through helping raise awareness of our efforts to make a difference . Now you can do this in a very convenient way, and in the process you can make tuition fee credits or generate actual income. We are continuously launching fundraising campaigns partly to fund our projects, research and development programs, and many times to help our students come up with the tuition. Whether you are an enthusiastic supporter of sustainability or just want to make some money, mostly by just doing what most of us do anyway, being on social media, this may be a great opportunity for you. Please check out our current programs and if you feel that we can make a difference in the way people treat the planet, sign up to be an associate.

1, Campaign Promoter

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Our Campaign Promoters work the virtual world to get the word out to those who are ready and willing to support our cause, our students and our research and development through donations. We are using most major crowd funding sites but we also launch campaigns on our website. Help us, and turn your email and friend-list into a cash machine! You can see our current campaigns HERE (link to campaign list page), and if you are ready to jump onboard, you can do that HERE (link to sign up form)

2, Social Media Specialist

social meadia headerThe Social Media Specialist’s main task is to keep our posts and pics flowing through the internet. This is a perfect way to accrue tuition credit for the workshop you are planning to take. Hey, if you are spending significant time on Facebook, and working on beating the world record of most Instagram pics posted in a minute, and you want to use your online passion for a good cause while earning $$$, CLICK HERE

3, Workshop Promoter

event picGaia Earthen Technologies’ main focus is educating. The target group of sustainable living is very specific, and while it’s rapidly growing it’s still small. Therefore we need a group of dedicated internet savvy and sharp promoters who can figure out how to reach those who are most likely interested in joining our workshops and making sure that the sign up process is quick smooth and easy to follow. This is a really easy and quick way to make some real $$$ and make sustainability minded people’s dreams come true. You can learn more about what kind of workshops we are currently offering HERE (link to workshop page) and apply for a position HERE (link to sign up form)

4, Volunteer Coordinator

pampererOur Volunteer Coordinators are looking for people who are excited about donating their time to a worthy cause and have fun and learn new skills at the same time. Volunteer work is an essential part of most non profit organizations, and so it is for Gaia. Many of our project need the additional boost that the enthusiasm and power of our volunteers bring to the table. If you think you are a persuasive organizer, and interested to make workshop credits for yourself, please contact us by signing up HERE (link to sign up form)