Leveling the Build Site

Superadobe is a natural building method developed by the late Nader Khalili. It uses local soil filled into sandbag tubes, and arranged in ways which makes the structure strong enough to withstand high magnitude earthquakes, and the slow eroding forces of nature equally. As Khalili put it:

“Every man and woman should be able to build a shelter for his or her family with these universal elements, [earth, water, air, fire]  almost anywhere on the Earth and other planets…. The only missing link is to educate humans how to use these timeless techniques…”

Since 2011 Gaia Earthen Technologies with backing from CalEarth Earth Art and Architecture Institute, have been dedicated to researching and further developing and spreading awareness of this low-cost, self-help, eco-friendly technology. Our Educational Programs are the result of this dedicated R&D work. These seminars are condensed high intensity workshops where not only the theoretical basics, but also the hands on practices are taught in great detail. Please click on the See All Seminars button on the left to see our available programs.