Tranqvillium: A Home in Three Days


Gaia Earthen Technologies has embarked on a new and even more ambitious project. We are building a 100% off grid community just outside of Las Vegas with a dual purpose.

  1. Providing temporary shelter for people who need a solid base for a while to re-plant their feet in society, and get themselves back on track. (victims of domestic violence, situational homelessness, addiction recovery, etc).
  2. Providing a location for a complex education in sustainable living. (natural structural building methods, sustainable building engineering, rainwater collection and ecology, renewable power production, food production/permaculture, community living, consensus decision making, etc).

The project is called Tranqvillium, and has several stages in the building process.

Please visit the Tranqvillium Facebook Page and support our efforts by liking it.
Gaia will continuously post follow ups on the build and we encourage you to come and visit, maybe even help out a little.

Thank you for your support. ❤

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